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Friday Gift-Away!

Our friends at Clean Cuisine and More have just debuted their book, Clean Cuisine Dinners!  It's been out for less than a week, and it's already #1 on Amazon!

A quality beauty regimen is about amazing skin care as well as quality diet and a wellness-enhancing lifestyle. Ivy and Erin at Clean Cuisine make it so easy and so delicious. 

In Clean Cuisine Dinners, a companion to Clean Cuisine: An 8-Week Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition Program that Will Change the Way You Age, Look and Feel (Penguin, 2013), Ivy shares a full month of her family's favorite meals along with weekly shopping lists to streamline grocery shopping and help you stay organized. 

Recipes provided in Clean Cuisine Dinners all have the following features: 
· Dairy-free option 
· Gluten-free option 
· Exceptionally rich in nutrients (including vitamins and minerals) 
· Rich in phytonutrients 
· Rich in antioxidants 
· Anti-inflammatory 
· Exceptionally rich in vegetables 
· Predominantly based on unrefined “whole” plant-foods (such as beans, legumes, tofu, edamame beans, tempeh, lentils, nuts, seeds, whole grains, etc.) 
· Free of empty-calorie and pro-inflammatory vegetable oils (corn oil, soybean oil, “pure” vegetable oil, etc.) 
· Rich in fiber 
· Milk-Free 
· Devoid of refined, empty-calorie flour 
· Free of trans fats 
· Low in animal-based saturated fat (note: recipes include plant-based saturated fats found in extra virgin coconut oil.) 
· No refined sugar 

If doable, delicious and nutritious whole foods meals are what you want to serve your family for dinner, Clean Cuisine Dinners is destined to become your go-to everyday cookbook. 

One lucky winner will receive a copy of Clean Cuisine Dinners & a choice of KYPRIS Beauty Elixir! 

To enter, make sure you're signed up for newsletters from both Clean Cuisine andKYPRIS. Then, like and share the contest slide on Instagram and Facebook. Please be sure to tag both @kyprisbeauty and @clean_cuisine.

See you on the interwebs and GOOD LUCK!! 

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