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Puff of love deluxe sample with every order | free shipping u.s. orders $250+

5 Reasons Your Skin Will Delight In A Nurturing Puff Of Love


Finding the right moisturizer is never easy. Puff of Love soothes, moisturizes, and brightens the appearance of your complexion - helping you look and feel relaxed and glowing. Ready for a moisturizer that suits your skin? Puff of Love is the gift that keeps on giving.

1. Anytime, Anywhere!

With Puff of Love, we’ve made a formula that works for both day and night - a non-greasy emulsion that offers moisture, softness, and brightening, no matter when and where you use it.

2. Concentrated

Only a small, pearl-sized amount is required to cocoon your beautiful skin in active ingredients that soften the appearance of texture and creates the appearance of supple radiance.

3. Active Ingredients for Your Sensitive Skin

Infused with green biotechnology, Puff of Love is made for all complexion types, including sensitive and blemish-prone skin. You won’t find a better all round creme that your skin loves.

4. Sinks In

Unlike some moisturizers that sit atop the skin’s surface, Puff of Love’s unique lipid-balanced emulsion melts into skin, nurturing its delicate barrier, for the appearance of optimal hydration, softness, and radiance.

5. Superfast Delivery

Bottled in beautiful, boutique apothecary-inspired packaging, bask in the Beauty of your days as you sit back and relax as our super-fast delivery service brings your charming new favorite alchemical offerings straight to your doorstep.

Our Gift To You!

Puff of Love Deluxe Sample with Every Order | Free Shipping U.S. Orders $250+


Fantastic Moisturizer 

I love this product so much! It's the perfect amount of hydration for AM&PM. I love that if you need more hydration in the PM, you can just add a few drops of a Beauty Elixir. It really does give the skin a gorgeous glow and helps the looks of lines and wrinkles. It also smells incredible too! I look forward to using this each morning!


Begin Your Ritual

A nurturing, anytime, light-weight moisturizer infused with Nature’s most loving botanicals & green biotechnology’s most kind actives! 

Cleanse your skin with your favorite face wash and exfoliate if necessary.

Apply a pearl of moisturizer to face, neck, & décolleté as desired, avoiding eye area.

For best results, apply over your favorite KYPRIS Serums & Elixirs.

For external use only.


My Skin Drinks It Right Up

"Fast absorbing and even a bit mattifying for my combination skin. I like to wait a little after applying my serums and oils as an additional boost. I feel like it helps my skin absorb those along with it. A little goes a long way!"


Key Active Ingredients

This gorgeous, skin-nurturing moisturizer is formulated with the following key ingredients:

Balloon Vine
(“Love In A Puff”)

A vine-like plant rich in antioxidants that imparts skin with the botanical wisdom of quiet. This natural wonder is known to help care for sensitive skin by soothing the appearance of redness and providing skin-nurturing goodness.


An organic botanical oil known to nurture the skin’s delicate barrier without overwhelming the appearance of pores, helping to balance the skin's appearance of oiliness. Hemp contains omega-6 fatty acids that nurture a glowing complexion.


Discovered during an academic expedition, this fermented ocean extract creates the appearance of a well loved microbiome providing moisture and hydration to enhance the skin’s radiance.


This ‘Master Antioxidant’ brightens skin’s appearance and has also been found to decrease the feel of undesirable skin texture and to enhance the appearance of resilience.

Centella Asiatica

Wild crafted in Madagascar, Centella asiatica nurtures the appearance of healthy, fresh skin. An intensely nurturing botanical for blemish prone skin types that helps to diminish the appearance of blemishes old and new.

Jasmine Wax

A luscious alternative to beeswax, this delicately fragrant flower wax melts into skin. When applied daily, the result is a softer feeling complexion and enhanced glow.

Beauty With A Soul,
Supported By Science

Clean, botanical formulas are a wonderful demonstration of nature's magical ability to nurture and soothe for your most gorgeous skin. That’s why we go beyond organic standards, sourcing our ingredients from sustainably managed farms and cooperatives. Each careful selection we make utilizes the ingredient's most beneficial properties, which you’ll feel and experience in the quality and efficacy of our products, time and time again.

All The Good With
None Of The Bad

Cruelty Free


The Best Skin Care Product Ever! 

"I can’t tell you how much I love this product –
it makes me feel so special... worth every penny."


Our Gift To You!

Puff of Love Deluxe Sample with Every Order | Free Shipping U.S. Orders $250+