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The Organic Sunscreen Myth

May 25, 2011

So now that summer is upon us, sun care is becoming increasingly important. My amazing friend, Ivy Larson, asked my to write am article on sun care for her site, Clean Cuisine and More. She’s amazing. She was diagnosed with MS in her early twenties and now controls it with diet and exercise alone. You can learn all of her secrets on her site                                                                                         

The Best Sunscreens Are Not Chemical Free

When looking for a sunscreen, just know that there really isn’t any such thing as a chemical free product and that’s ok. There are oodles of products out there parading around calling themselves 'natural' and 'chemical free.' Natural? Maybe. Chemical free? Not in this life. If something calls itself chemical free, just know you’re being lied to. Water. Good ole H2O is scientifically speaking a chemical. (Di-hyrdrogen-monoxide in case you were wondering.) In truth, we want to avoid toxins, not chemicals. Here are two lists to help you choose better sun care ingredients.


Ingredients to Avoid: 



OMC (octyl methoxycinnamate)






Micronized and Nano Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide



Vitamin A / Retinyl Palmitate





















OMC (octyl methoxycinnamate)






Ingredients we LOVE:



Coconut Oil



Shea Butter



Aloe Vera Gel



Sunflower Oil



Jojoba Oil



Eucalyptus Oil



Green Tea



Vitamins D and E



Non Micronized / Non Nano Zinc Oxide

Non Micronized / Non Nano Titanium Dioxide


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