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Pot of Shade: Heliotropic SPF 30, in frosted glass jar with white lid, on white background.
Cerulean Mask, in frosted glass jar showing cerulean blue product color.
Lip Balm Elixir, in frosted jar with gold lid, on white background.
Antioxidant Dew, in cobalt glass bottle, on white background.
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Kypris is luxury, high-performance skincare with a gentle footprint. Organic, wild-crafted, and sustainably grown botanicals combine with the best of green biotechnology for powerful results and an ecstatic experience of your Beauty and Being.

You’ve never seen skincare combine the power of Nature and Science like this.

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We believe Beauty can only be created from Beauty.
Ingredients are mindfully & meticulously sourced for the
best results with an ecologically regenerative intent.

A landscape of Arizona. Plants in the foreground and mountains in the back.

Beauty from Beauty

We believe that Beauty can only be created from Beauty itself. To us that means honoring the Earth, the Souls that care for the land, the people whose gifted hands kindly and carefully collect these botanical treasures, and how all of these ingredients come together to help you most benefit from and pleasure in your Self care.


Wild Crafted



Cruelty Free

Clinically Proven

Co-op Grown


Sustainably Procured

From Small Farms

Synthetic Fragrance Free

Synthesized with Green Chemistry

From Women Owned Farms

No Petroleum Anything

Natural & Nature-Derived

Certified Sustainable

“Each top-shelf-worthy glass jar is packed with science-backed active botanicals and nourishing oils that first and foremost perform like professional-grade formulas without a single toxin.”

“If you’re going to splurge on an eye cream, this is the one. Not only is the glass jar sustainable, the formula is also spectacular.”

Best Eye Cream
Ad Astra Nighttime Eye
Cream Emulsion

“Long before most beauty companies began to acknowledge their roles in generating plastic streaming into landfills and oceans, KYPRIS founder Chase Polan was considering the impacts of her brand’s skincare, from ingredient sourcing to its final stage.”

"Strongly recommended by licensed esthetician Dana Murray of Babe + Beauty, this brilliant mask calls on clay, oceanic salt, and botanical exfoliants to dissolve sebum, plus algae to soothe inflammation."

The 18 Best Blackhead Masks of 2023
Deep Forest Clay


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Your Beauty is Unique.Your Skin Care Should Be Too.