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Sacred Sovereignty, Equality, & Bodily Autonomy

There is no equality without a right to one’s body.

There is no equality without the legal and cultural
recognition of each individual’s sovereignty.

There is no full and equal citizenship without
access to healthcare.

Emotions first. Strategy second. Aligned action third. 


While we were warned and knew this day was likely coming, once we are all done screaming into the void, locking our jaws, trying to not succumb to seething hatred or despair, let’s focus.

We can and must right this immeasurable wrong. 

Here are some simple actions you and our allies can take:

  1. Call your Governor, Congressional Senators, Congressional Reps,
    State Senators, and State Reps. Here’s a link to their contact information HERE

  2. Here are places you can donate to ensure people in red states who need access to healthcare can receive safe access: HERE

  3. Here are links to resources:


Equality among the sexes in the US is on the ballot in November. We must vote. 

Please make sure you and your allies are registered to vote HERE.


It’s important to recognize that the SCOTUS decision and the culture that created it did not arise in a vacuum. It is not an accident that an elected official who has a record of abusing women is the person who nominated the justices who robbed women of their autonomy. 

It is not an anomaly that 2 of the 6 justices who wrote this decision have been famously accused and tried for varying degrees of sexual assault and harassment. 

It is also not a mistake that the single female justice who supported such a heinous opinion was brought up in a culture of abusive inequality deemed to be pious and good. 

Whether you personally want the right to abortion access or not, please ensure your sisters, and all people, have a right to choice when it comes to their bodies and personal autonomy. Freedom.

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