KYPRIS: Assorted amber colored bottles and frosted jars, surrounded by pink roses.

The Secret Messages Hidden in KYPRIS Packaging....


We are asked so often about our packaging. People love it and can usually sense there’s more going on than just something beautiful.

So here we spill some of our secrets woven through our product packaging. 

KYPRIS is a devotional offering of the principles and practices of soft, divinely Feminine power and wisdom.

Soft as in an invitation.

An invitation into Love and Beauty and Care and Appreciation and Delight.

A daily offering of pleasure unfurling from your fingertips to imbue your Being and day, your dreams and rest with loving gestures and the decadence of green science.

Whether you're using KYPRIS formulas for their potent care or corrective efficacy, each piece is botanical Love (crafted with extraordinary science and biotechnology, of course!) and care that can make for beautiful results and beautiful living.

Divinely Feminine as in nurturing, life-affirming, honoring of the sacred, and a recognition of Beauty - in all of its many faces, facets, and forms. 

After all, Beauty is an experience. An ecstatic experience....

Of yourself. Of one another. Of Love. Of the world. Of the Great Mystery we live within and among, that lives through us. Of Nature and the numinous. Of all the things science tries to measure. Of otherworldly delight and grace…. 

The scientists and wise women agree...The craft and materials determine the final form. The means are the ends.

Each KYPRIS piece is an offering of loving psychospiritual and physical care, figurative and literal. 

In kind, each KYPRIS design is inspired by the Natural world, feminist art, history, science, and movements.  Each piece emanates an experience of the world centered upon loving care, mutual respect, and awe for the Nature we are and are among.

Art Nouveau — An era when form and function were equally appreciated.

This was the same era when Coco Chanel famously removed bones and corsets from women’s clothing freeing women to fashionably dress themselves or possibly march for suffrage. This shift in dressing also meant women relied more on physical activity than undergarments to keep their shape. This could also be seen as a shift towards freedom and healthier living.

So you can see our interpretation of the moment on the Serums and Lip Elixir.


The Apothecary — A place where herbal concoctions (and decoctions) and tinctures were for your healing and pleasure. 

Today, many of these botanical recipes are still used in nature cure and some even served at your favorite bar. Think along the lines of whiskey drinks like a Hot Toddy and the dozens upon dozens of herbs in chartreuse.

Science also shows that bliss in the body and a relationship to Nature is healing - it can modulates cortisol levels, shorten hospital stays, improve healing outcomes, and so much more.  

In honor of the vital relationship between healing and pleasure, we fashioned our Beauty Elixirs with a reference to the apothecary.

Fibonnaci — The Italian mathematician famed for discovering his ubiquitous sequence that shows up in sea shells, tree branches, the centers of sunflowers, our faces, the spirals of galaxies and stars, and so much more.

The sequence is also the basis of the Golden Ratio which many consider the mathematical basis of empirical Beauty. 

We honor Fibonacci with Nature.

Nascent stars magically form in spirals and gush massive, intense streams of water. A perfect visual representation for Glow Philtre, a hydrating enzyme mask for vibrant luminosity in skin.

Next we turn to the patterns of tree branches that also grow in ratio with Finonacci's work, a beautiful depiction of the layers of forest treasures found in the Deep Forest Clay Mask for Exfoliation and Clarity.

And for the extra gentle, biodegradable cleanser, Cleanser Concentrate, a Fibonacci nautilus and nod to our beloved oceans.

In addition to being emissaries of Fibonacci’s famed spiral, Sunflowers, like people, are heliotropes. We both live by the cycles of the Sun.

Did you know that if you want better sleep at night, you can prepare in the morning by getting early morning sun exposure? Sunflowers have knows this secret longer than humans. Wisdom amidst Nature is extraordinary and plentiful if you just know how to see it. 

Lace-Making - In the US, lace-making was an immigrant art made possible in part by the inventions of the Industrial Revolution and tradition.

The Industrial Revolution included advances in textile making. One created netting which made lace-making possible at home. This combination of technological advances and traditional craft came together to create opportunity and Beauty.

As an homage to science and tradition, the myriad gifts of immigrants and our ancestors, we digitized pieces of lace from the Industrial Revolution in the US to adorn the green Body Elixir Inflorescence bottle as a reminder to always heart-center - whether that be for the benefits of lymphatic massage or in greeting life with empathy and compassion.

Nature as Lover

Sometimes art discovers science before the scientists do. A common theme in Japanese art is people and Nature in harmony, even in Love, at times indulging in the erotic. The pieces are often so well-observed artists captured fluid dynamics in bodies of water only later described by engineering books, but first discovered by artists. 

Cerulean Soothing Hydration Mask is a feat of 36 actives that deserved a visual reference to the practice of attention and discovery.

Sometimes we simply see and know things. The practice of seeing differently can usher in an entire field of awareness that wasn't there before simply because we dared to honor our view and lovingly share it. So Cerulean, this mighty little pot of blue, your personal alchemical ocean, is your piece of soothing Nature.

Feminism is the simple, yet radical idea that all people deserve equal rights and opportunity in the eyes of culture and the law.

Women were (and in too many instances still are) kept from their art and recognition for their artistic works.

Women were not traditionally educated as engineers or architects so their prior contributions were mostly limited to traditional crafts like carving and textiles. 

One place we see their magnificent work is in the realm of carved and embossed book covers. So we borrowed from the art form of carved leather to weave in the botanicals at work in the Puff of Love formula. 

Light is both particle and wave.

Substance and energy.


We riffed on this Truth to create the artwork and formula of the Illuminating Eye Serum and Primer. This serum gives an immediate brightening effect to the eye area using sustainable mica from a UN Global Compact project to directly combat human rights violations too commonly found in mica production.
Literal and figurative Light.

Substance and Energy. 


We are working on so many more formulas we can hardly wait to share with you!

As always, if you have any questions about your personalized skincare ritual, please email us at care [at] kyprisbeauty [dot] com



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