Magical Concrete Box...


This building might look like a concrete block, but I will have you know ALL KINDS of magic happens within its walls. 

This is where one of our decorators operates. They do a UV cure silk screen decoration. This is a particularly earth friendly process for decorating glass. The ink used contains no heavy metals and instead of needing to fire the bottles in a kiln, they get passed under a UV light to cure the ink decoration. Don't get me wrong, the UV tunnel still gets up to a several hundred degrees but its about a third as hot as a kiln. 75% + of our products and 100% of our samples are decorated this way.



Here are samples of our samples. Gosh that can get confusing. The photo on the left are the first two passes. But I just thought it was so cool that the plastic wrapper around our 580 vials looked like wood! The photo on the right are some reject runs testing the serum behind the color. When the master decorator got the right color I was so excited I handed it back to him before taking a photo. Drrr. If all goes well we'll have all 1200 sample containers today and I'll be able to take a photo to show them off. =  )

Seriously, I think you would be absolutely confounded as to how complicated and tricky it is to actually execute a design. Getting the ink to be the right color on even a clear vial took a good 5 or 6 tries. And forget colored bottles. The amber? We went with a simple white ink. Or so we thought. Um yea. Not so simple. If the ink isn't put on the glass thickly enough it doesnt look right. 

Luckily we have a Mr. Mike. Thanks Mike!!  More to come... xx



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