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KYPRIS Offers Elegant Line of High Performance, Holistic Skincare; Honors Values & Tenets of Naturopathic Care

PHOENIX, AZ (October 2013) – KYPRIS shuns the cultural obsession of ‘anti-aging’ and instead focuses on Beauty that is wellness. Diminished structural integrity translates to the appearance of aging. Instead of masking the effects of environmental and lifestyle stressors with plastics like glycols or silicones, KYPRIS seeks to nourish skin by supporting its inherent, biological wisdom. Each product offers a unique form of care to our largest, most apparent organ and naturopathic physicians such as Dr. Deborah Ardorf, who has a flourishing practice in Scottsdale, are taking notice.

KYPRIS products are a great addition to my practice. I am impressed that they are handcrafted with the finest and purest natural ingredients and packaged in glass bottles. It is nice to have a product line that is very natural with great results,” says Dr. Ardolf.

With more than 80,000 known and unknown chemicals in the consumer market, many of which are used in health and beauty products, KYPRIS offers relief. The line, at present, consists of six items: three customizing Serums and three multi-active, moisturizing Beauty Elixirs. The natural cycles of the body and lifestyle affect the skin differently each day. KYPRIS supports clients to better connect with their exquisite, individual Beauty and to customize care to their unique daily needs. Each

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KYPRIS piece may be used individually or for best results in combination.
“We try to procure ingredients locally and within the United States. However, if the ingredients needed for the best product are unavailable domestically, we prefer to source from Co-ops and small farms,” explains Chase Polan, KYPRIS owner and founder.  “Studies show that Co-ops and small communities have better land stewardship and more equitable labor practices.”KYPRIS products are GOLD Certified by Green America, California Prop 65 compliant, registered with the Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability Asia (LOHASIA) community, and a member of the Green Spa Network of which founder, Chase Polan, sits on the Personal Care Committee. In addition, Kaneka, the only domestic manufacturer of CoQ10, certifies all three Beauty Elixirs.

“The unique quality and commitment to the execution of the product makes KYPRIS a must have,” says Stephanie Anderson of Natural Partners, through which the line is distributed.

Founded in 2011, KYPRIS looks to science and anthropology to describe its origin.  “Legend tells us that Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty, rose from the ocean’s foaming waters off the coast of Cyprus. The Cypriots, so in love with the goddess, claimed her with the name Kypris after their shared home,” Polan explains. “Kypris’s supernatural inner and outer Beauty derives from her connection to the land and the people and Nature. Like Kypris, we are women of this earth, and our health depends upon Hers.”

As a long-time patient of naturopathy, as well as, a successful entrepreneur, Polan incorporates that belief into the KYPRIS line. In addition to holistic beauty offered by KYPRIS, Polan takes that beauty one step further and extends the belief to the packaging.

“All of our messaging, including the brand name’s origin, promotes the ecstatic experience of one’s self care rituals, so only emboldening philosophies about Beauty can be found among the KYPRIS offerings and messages,” Polan adds. “Holistic Beauty means there is a 360 degree consideration of how the product is created and experienced.  We value the importance of the observer, which holds that Beauty can only come from Beauty.”

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For that reason, KYPRIS considers how a crop is grown, procured, and processed, and by whom.  The brand also considers how customers and their health and Beauty will be affected.  Thus, all products are packaged in glass and formulated with high concentrations of natural actives, so a little will go a long way.  Each bottle of product— depending on combinations and frequency of use— will last two to six months. A single bottle of the Elixirs, at 2 to 3 drops twice per day, provide nearly seven months of care.

The products themselves are not only formulated with high concentrations of natural actives, they are formulated as tinctures so skin does not become unresponsive to the product.  “KYPRIS is about supporting and nourishing skin’s natural processes, so we made sure to formulate the products in a way that promotes continued results and Beauty,” Polan says.

The products range in price from $25 to $112.50 wholesale, which is a fraction of the cost of less holistic name brands carried at larger retail providers. Each wholesale purchase of product includes two samples to help create in-office sales. An order of 6 pieces per sku (which can be displayed in a single square foot of apothecary shelf space) will generate a profit of $2,250. These are not immediately inexpensive products, but by comparison are of far better value and much more affordable in the long term.

I love having KYPRIS products in my apothecary,” boasts Dr. Stephanie Gajus. “My clientele is very particular and does not tend to shop for personal care products at grocery stores, not even at Whole Foods. I appreciate having a line to offer patients that delivers elegant results while not compromising all the work we do to create health. My patients love it!”   

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