Visit with the Embossers

 So if you've spoken to anyone from KYPRIS you'll pretty quickly learn that we are obsessed with process, quality inputs, great people, and all things Beauty. One of the benefits of working with wonderful people so near to our offices is that we get to personally know the gifted souls who make our creations possible and a first hand look at how exactly it all happens. Come take a look! 



Some of the many tools used in the process of foiling.



The press


Rolls of foil.... So there is some confusion about foiling in the sustainability community. Not all foil processes are unsustainable. Ours is a lower heat process (you'll see us comfortably hanging out by the machine in the video). We are told the foil is comprised of recycled aluminum and mica which are in turn also recyclable. All the paper used for our marketing is 100% post consumer recycled paper which is also recyclable.



And more rolls of foil... Though these are extra fancy with their colors and holograms...



And more rolls of foil! So many choices!



Two of several foil dies. 



Films... This is a preparation phase for the run. 



Close up!



The foil after the paper stock has been stamped. All of this will be recycled.



And here's the start of the press and some of the run! Hard to believe these machines have been around for the better part of a century!

Here's one more look at the press doing it's thing and a .... shhhh! 



A hint of things to come!


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