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Visit with the Embossers

June 25, 2014
  So if you've spoken to anyone from KYPRIS you'll pretty quickly learn that we are obsessed with process, quality inputs, great people, and all things Beauty. One of the benefits of working with wonderful people so near to our offices is that we get to personally know the gifted souls who make our creations possible and a first hand look at how exactly it all happens. Come take a look!      Some of the many tools used in the process of foiling.     The press   Rolls of foil.... So there is some confusion about foiling in... Continue reading →

Offset Printing on a Saturday Morning

November 30, 2013
One of the best parts of collaborating with local experts is getting to be part of the process and meeting everyone. The KYPRIS marketing pieces were supposed to be printed this week but the offset printing machine decided to take an impromptu vacation. So we were all up at 7 am doing our press check this morning. I think you will love our version of "How It's Made.' The printer is incredible. It requires two people to operate it and costs about $2000 just to turn it on and ready it for printing.      Offset Printing on a Saturday... Continue reading →

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