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Say No to 'Anti-Aging'

Dear Patron,

Say YES! to your heart's most sacred, kind Desires.....

We live in a culture OBSESSED with 'Anti Aging.' As a term, it is at best vague. At worst, it's an invitation to shadow box a made up problem.

At KYPRIS, we do not use the term "Anti Aging." We believe that aging is a privilege and has nothing to do with how one looks or feels. Instead, we focus on Desires. Kind Desires...

Too often honoring heart felt desires pushes people, especially women, into guilt. Our hope is to both honor and support women to best care for themselves.

Science clearly shows that pleasure benefits both our psychological and physiological well-being. Plus when women invest in themselves, the whole family and community benefits.

Pleasure aside, we invite you to be really specific about the desires you have for your skin and appearance. A brighter complexion. Enhanced elasticity. Softer, smoother, more dewy skin. These are requests we can work with.

Please feel free to take our KYPRIS Discovery Quiz or email us at care@kyprisbeauty.com for a complimentary consult. Should you choose to reach out, please include a brief description of your skin condition and, of course, your Desires....

In Love + Service....

Your KYPRIS Team


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