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How do you pronounce KYPRIS?

Both syllables rhyme with a kiss: ‘KIP-RIS’ Muah!

From where does the name KYPRIS come?

You can learn about the goddess on our ‘about’ page here.

How do I mix and match my KYPRIS products?

First and foremost, always with kind eyes and kind hands.

Second, always apply with a loving, honest compliment. Practicing real appreciation of ourselves can be a potent salve when offered with integrity, courage, and a willingness to see our divinely unique Beauty. This offering validates our experience of ourselves. After all, isn’t your opinion of yourself the only one that you have to live with, might as well cultivate a good one.

Third, here’s a link to KYPRIS Alchemical Rituals by skin type. Emphasis on Alchemy, as many patrons come to us with an imbalanced skin type and discover months later they no longer have dry, dehydrated, oily, or combination skin. To begin, be where you are and choose what is best for you right now. We are here to evolve with you.

What is your return or exchange policy?

We do not accept returns. However, if something is damaged in shipment or if there is a problem with the product, please send a photo to, and we will send a call tag for the damaged pieces as well as a replacement.

Why do you not accept returns?

All KYPRIS products are made from ingredients procured by small farmers, co-operatives, wild-crafters, and boutique green chemistry laboratories. Due to the highly specialized and unique nature of these ingredients, we do not accept returns of open products. We want you to absolutely LOVE your KYPRIS products, so if you are unsure about which offerings are meant for you, we encourage you to take advantage of our Discovery Kits available here.

Your Beauty is Unique.
Your Skin Care Should Be Too.

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