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A Practical Guide to Intuitive Skin Care

Winter into Spring. A beloved seasonal change of equal parts relief, hope, and blossoming Beauty.  Even if this year is an unprecedented experience for us all, the flora and fauna around us awaken and the warmth and duration of light grows.

These transformations influence the needs of our bodies, spirit, and complexions. In kind, we are here to offer you some recommendations for how to evolve your daily skincare ritual. 

Spring’s arrival is a transition. And within this moment of change we are invited to ponder: is there a more loving way to anoint one’s precious self through a seasonal change with attuned care rather than one-size-fits-all adjustments? We believe there is, through awareness, kindness, mindfulness, feeling, and intuition. 

The Principles of Intuitive Skincare

Listen to What Your Complexion Desires...

Feed your skin what it needs. Inside and out. Ensure you’re drinking sufficient water, consuming the right amounts and ratios of omega fatty acids, and consider where in your skincare ritual you might benefit from extra hydration and moisture.

Make Peace with Your Skin

Offer gentle compliments to your skin, even when fussy and frazzled. If you’re navigating acne, recognize that your blemishes are evidence of your body trying to heal itself. These blemishes and upsets are giving you greater insight into what our complexions are craving: Peace and alleviation of stress (and possibly a visit to the dermatologist).

Reaffirm Your Loving Inner Voice

Quiet your inner critic. Let your gentle, loving, True voice be heard through daily practice. What would a kind, wise mother tell you about wonderful you? Invoke your heart center and imagination to connect with the wisdom of the collective Great Mother. What are some gentle, reassuring words She might share?

 Honor “Total Well Being”

Honor health-sustaining practices of nurturing your body through nutrition, exercise, and topical offerings that make you feel incandescently, beautifully you.

The Practice of Intuitive Skincare

At KYPRIS, we believe your face is the face of the goddess, and your being so deserves the attuned, loving care of this daily intuitive practice.


Ask yourself, what does my skin need to give away in this moment? KYPRIS cleansers and exfoliants offer your skin the tools needed to release whatever is no longer serving.

  • The gentle non-foaming Cleanser Concentrate cleanses away nighttime actives and the grime of the day. 
  • The exfoliating actives of Deep Forest Clay offer manual and chemical exfoliation for the appearance of a brightened, smoothed, clearer complexion.
  • The overnight refining actives of Moonlight Catalyst rid your complexion’s appearance of excess dead skin, blemishes, and imbalances.

Through these mindful practices of giving and release, your complexion is prepared to best receive desired nurturance.


How does your skin feel? Touch it. Lovingly. What is it asking for? Speak to it gently. 

Through lightweight hydrating Serums, nurturing fatty acid blends of Elixirs, and unique floral moisture, KYPRIS’ gentle hydrating and moisturizing offerings lovingly cocoon and nurture skin with an array of botanical Love. 

Customize each application and become your own alchemist through the artful application technique of micro-emulsifying these unique formulas. 

Anoint each step onto your skin with a deep inhale and honest compliment to your Self. You deserve this! 

Putting Your Intuition Into Action

Once you are ready to put the principles of intuitive skin care into practice, we invite you to discover the KYPRIS offerings of beautiful, luxurious efficacy.

The following KYPRIS essentials are suitable for all complexion types and should be used in combination with your chosen Masks, Serums, and Elixirs.



KYPRIS Masks, Serums, and Elixirs may be customized to care for your specific skin care desires. The recommendations below offer a starting point for some of the more common constellations of care. For more detailed recommendations please email our team at care@kyprisbeauty.com

Customize for Your Unique Desire
Refining Hydration


Soothing Hydration
Oily & Blemish Prone



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