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Faces of the Goddess – Diana Stobo

Faces of the Goddess – Diana Stobo

October 19, 2020

Diana Stobo is an innovator and leader in the global wellness industry.  She is an expert and trusted voice on subjects of digestive health, food as a modality for change, hormone balance, sex, aging well, weight management, wellness travel and optimal health through helping the body heal itself. Diana is a classically trained chef, nutrition expert, and was an early pioneer in the raw food movement. She coached thousands of people back to good health during many years as a health coach and healer. She is known for her ability to create tools and practices that empower and facilitate transformation, and to help foster freedom and empowerment in people's lives. Diana is an award-winning author of 15 books, and has traveled the world extensively as both a sought after speaker as well as a 'wellness traveler' learning about healing customs and practices from around the world. |


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