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How To Layer Your KYPRIS Skin Care

Each KYPRIS piece offers a unique blend of the finest ingredients rooted in Nature and Science to smooth, soften, balance, hydrate, and moisturize the appearance of your beautiful skin. Our formulas are efficacious on their own, yet especially so when alchemized and layered in a way that enhances the beauty benefits and provides effortless, elegant wear.

Knowing how to combine your skin care to achieve your desired results begins with understanding the purpose and physical properties of each type of offering.


Understanding Your KYPRIS Offerings:

KYPRIS Serums - Water soluble actives hydrate, balance, or refine the appearance of thirsty skin.

KYPRIS Beauty Elixirs - Nurturing seed oils impart generous moisture to dry and sun overexposed skin.

KYPRIS Moisturizers - Creamy, wax based moisture seals in your skin care and offers a touchable softness. 

KYPRIS Suncare - A hydrating, priming, translucent veil of UV protection for your beautiful skin. 

KYPRIS Eye Treatments - A luscious emulsion of botanicals and peptides to gently infuse the eye area with moisture and a smoothed appearance.


Layering Your KYPRIS Offerings:


Start with An Honest Compliment then dissolve evening actives with a pearl of Cleanser Concentrate, and remove with warm or cool water. 

Layer 1: Create your customized micro-emulsion. Combine 2-5 drops of your KYPRIS Beauty Elixir with 2-5 drops of your desired daytime Serum(s)

Gently press your micro-emulsion into your skin, pausing to inhale the aromatherapy.

Your Elixir to Serum ratio is completely customizable. Adding more serum will create a lighter more hydrating blend while more drops of Elixir will create a rich, more moisturizing blend. 

Layer 2: Apply a pearl of Puff of Love Nurturing Anytime Moisturizer to soften, brighten, and smooth skin’s appearance.

Layer 3: Protect your gorgeous glow with our gentle, essential oil free SPF, Pot of Shade: Heliotropic. Pot of Shade offers a translucent veil of non-nano, broad-spectrum SPF 30 protection and a gorgeous velvet finish to prime your skin for daily radiance. 



Remove makeup. With an honest compliment, apply a pearl of Cleanser Concentrate as your second cleanse to hydrate and nurture skin’s appearance.

Layer 1Create your nighttime micro-emulsion. Combine 2-5 drops of your Beauty Elixir with 2-5 drops of Moonlight Catalyst (or your serum(s) of choice) on fingertips and gently press into your skin. 

Layer 2: For added moisture, apply a pearl of Puff of Love overtop your micro-emulsion. 

Layer 3: Apply a rice grain sized amount of Ad Astra Nighttime Eye Cream Emulsion to your eye area. Formulated with a blend of botanicals and peptides, this essential oil free eye treatment offers generous moisture to complement your nightly rest. 

With kind eyes and gentle hands, in ritual or in simple daily devotions of loving care, we invite you to luxuriate in your delicious, evolving experience of Beauty. If you have questions about your unique ritual or skin care desires, please reach out to us at

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