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Not All Vitamin C is Created Equal - Here’s Why

It goes without saying that vitamin C is a buzzy ingredient in the skincare industry, but not all vitamin C is created equal. 

You may be accustomed to seeing the widely available active form of vitamin C, synthetically-isolated L-Ascorbic Acid, in beauty products. The synthetically-made, isolated compound, L-ascorbic-acid remains popular amongst skincare brands, in part because 1) it's inexpensive, and 2) it’s recognizability continues to boost consumer demand (i.e. people are increasingly learning to spot it in product names and ingredient lists). That said, L-ascorbic-acid comes with many challenges - it oxidizes instantly upon contact with air, it makes products extremely acidic which causes irritations and other adverse reactions, and when offered as a powder, dosing of vitamin C is surely more stable but inconsistent.

With this, KYPRIS passed on trendy-yet-less-effective L-ascorbic-acid in favor of more advanced forms of vitamin C, which remain stable and effective without irritating skin. You may have never heard of these types of vitamin C before, so let’s break them down: 

  • Encapsulated vitamin C, found in KYPRIS Antioxidant Dew Quench & Glow Facial Serum and Clearing Balance & Soothe Facial Serum, is encapsulated in phospholipids (a drug delivery technology originally developed by dermatologists to enhance stability and compatibility with the skin). The encapsulation helps to mitigate oxidation resulting in a more stable, and thus effective, and non-irritating form of vitamin C. 
  • Vitamin C ester, is oil soluble and found in our Beauty Elixir Face Oils and Body Elixir. This form of vitamin C is extremely stable, and even at low concentrations, is used to create the appearance of an enhanced, supple, pliant complexion - and a fantastic active pre, during, and post sun exposure. 
  • We employ a rainbow of botanical extracts wealthy in Vitamin C like Rosehip extract, found in Moonlight Catalyst Refine & Renew Overnight Facial Serum, as well as all three of our Beauty Elixir Face Oils, known for its soothing properties and rich Vitamin C content. 

Many brands and articles will sing the praises of vitamin C much louder than we have done so here, but know we love this ingredient no less! KYPRIS simply claims ingredient benefits that are scientifically supported, so you can trust our ingredient and product benefits are attainable. 

If you have questions on vitamin C or other KYPRIS ingredients, connect with a KYPRIS Aesthetician at

Photo by Anna Nekrashevich

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