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What’s a Micro Emulsion & How Does it Work?

If you make one change to your skincare routine,
it should be this.


Read on for the what’s, why’s, and how’s of the KYPRIS micro emulsion...


First things first - what is a micro emulsion?

A KYPRIS micro emulsion pairs one oil-based Beauty Elixir with one or more water-based KYPRIS Serum for a personalized skincare treatment calibrated to your specific preferences and desired benefits. The result is customized moisture (from the oil) and hydration (from the serum) that sinks into your skin beautifully.


Why does the micro emulsion work?

Skincare is science. 

The water soluble ingredients and actives found in KYPRIS Serums are made up of smaller molecules that appear to easily sink into the skin but have a tendency to evaporate off of skin more easily without the help of a well calibrated oil - enter the larger fatty acids of KYPRIS Beauty Elixirs that look glowy as they appear to sit atop the skin.  

By a trick of chemistry, our microemulsions of Serum and Beauty Elixir combine to create a loose emulsion. This creates the dewy look of the serum pulling the fatty acids of the Beauty Elixir into skin, while the Beauty Elixir appears to keep the serums from evaporating away.  

The result: the signature look of dewy, happy KYPRIS skin.


Which Serums & Beauty Elixir should I be using? 

First, begin by selecting your Beauty Elixir Moisturizing Face Oil (you only need one!). KYPRIS offers three Beauty Elixirs to select from - the multi-active “foundation” of all three formulas includes high-potency ingredients that enhance glow and diminish the appearance of sun overexposure with bio-identical CoQ10, vitamin C ester, and vitamin E. Building on this beautiful foundation, each formula features its own special blend of botanical oils to suit specific skin types: 


Beauty Elixir I: 1,000 Roses 

  • Richest formula for generous moisture
  • Best choice for: Those with “normal”/untroubled skin, dry/dehydrated skin, and mature and/or sun overexposed skin who are not scent-sensitive, as the formula bestows a luxurious, true rose aromatherapy upon application
  • Formulated with biodynamic Bulgarian rose oil to moisturize, tone, heart-center, and soothe the appearance of skin.


Beauty Elixir II: Balancing Flowers

  • Most balancing formula
  • Best choice for: Those with acne-prone/troubled, oily/combination skin, and frequently shaved faces (that may also be mature and/or sun overexposed)
  • Formulated with the balancing aromatherapy of Indian jasmine, rose geranium, aged patchouli, and sweet lavender to balance and soothe the appearance of oily, fussy skin


Beauty Elixir III: Prismatic Array

  • Gentlest formula for soothing moisture
  • Best choice for: Those with reactive and/or sensitive skin, as well as those with “normal”/untroubled skin, dry/dehydrated skin, and mature and/or sun overexposed skin who are scent-sensitive or sensitive to essential oils
  • Essential oil free to accommodate scent sensitivities


Next, select one or more KYPRIS Facial Serum for custom moisture. KYPRIS offers three serum formulas targeted to specific skincare desires, which can be used individually, or combined to achieve your desired benefits.


Antioxidant Dew 

  • Featherweight, intense hydration
  • Suitable for: All skin types. Unscented. Essential oil free
  • Formulated with encapsulated antioxidants, nurturing amino acids, and an array of soothing botanicals for quenched, glowy skin


Clearing Serum

  • Gentle, clarifying balanced hydration
  • Suitable for: Those with acne-prone/troubled, oily/combination skin, and frequently shaved faces. Gentle enough to be used by those with dry/dehydrated skin that is also “acne prone”/troubled. Aromatherapy to quell skin and senses
  • Enlists balancing zinc, soothing lilac leaf stem cells, cherry blossom, and phytonutrient rich botanical gems for the appearance of a balanced, happy complexion


Moonlight Catalyst (for PM use only)

  • Gentle yet powerful retinoid alternative delivering hydrating night time refinement 
  • Suitable for: All skin types. Refreshes the appearance of dull, tired, mature, or blemish-prone complexions. 
  • Offers neroli aromatherapy, a cocktail of peptides, fermented pumpkin enzymes, and ocean extracts to refine skin’s appearance.
  • Formulated without the ingredients (like Vitamin A) commonly recommended to be avoided while pregnant, nursing, or trying to conceive. As always, each body is different, so if you're in the season of baby making, please be sure to confirm use with your healthcare provider.


Need additional help selecting your ritual? Scroll to the bottom of this article for daytime and nighttime micro emulsion ritual charts. 

If you have questions we invite you to complete our consultation form, or email care@kyprisbeauty.com, and a KYPRIS Aesthetician will be happy to assist you. 


How to Apply Your Micro Emulsion

To create your micro emulsion, combine 2-5 drops of a KYPRIS Facial Serum with 2-5 drops of your Beauty Elixir Face Oil of choice. Apply to a clean face (avoiding eye area), neck, and décolleté with kind eyes, gentle hands, and an honest compliment. 

As desired, following with a KYPRIS eye treatment to your delicate eye area, and Puff of Love: Nurturing Anytime Moisturizer.

  • If your skin feels a bit lackluster or thirsty, consider adding a few extra drops of Serum to the mix. If your skin feels a bit rough or tight, consider adding a few extra drops of Beauty Elixir.
  • If the micro emulsion feels greasy on your skin, consider reducing the amount of Beauty Elixir.
  • If you’re finding your skin is a bit dry by mid afternoon increase the amount of Beauty Elixir and consider adding an application of Puff of Love: Nurturing Anytime Moisturizer overtop.


Micro emulsion ritual charts



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