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Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3...

October 4, 2012
          Just so you know, we only test on human animals and they seem to like it. Often, they ask for more. Weird. And just so you know this is not the only kind of testing that happens with our products. There's all kinds of analytical fun that gets had at the lab. We look for microscopic critters, fungi, bacteria, yada yada yada. We have to make sure the companies selling us stuff are actually selling us what they tell us they're selling us. You know... minor details like that...  This is the fun part where all... Continue reading →

A Darwinian Theory of Beauty

July 13, 2011
I am someone who gravitates towards beauty no matter how seemingly unnecessary or irrelevant it may appear to be to a purported function. I always thought I just had some special ability to very effectively stop and smell the roses or the sculpture garden or fountain or whatever the beautiful imagery may be. It turns out I couldn't be more wrong.  Our ability to appreciate beauty and our desire to create and HAVE beauty are part of what set us apart from other species. Mr Darwin just might have more wisdom to offer us on the essence of aesthetic appreciation... Continue reading →

The Beauty and Pitfalls of Creation and Creativity... How do we creatively thrive?

July 11, 2011
Elizabeth Gilbert, of Eat, Pray, Love fame, offers her beautiful perspective on how to thrive in a creative life.      I remember being in my late teens and early twenties when I started to realize that I might actually be an artist. I didn't know something about myself that was plain and obvious to many people around me. And what was equally obvious to those people was that I was a stifled artist. I will eventually get into the reasons for this, however, as I was struggling to reclaim my connection to creativity, I began to confuse that struggle... Continue reading →

The Organic Sunscreen Myth

May 25, 2011
So now that summer is upon us, sun care is becoming increasingly important. My amazing friend, Ivy Larson, asked my to write am article on sun care for her site, Clean Cuisine and More. She’s amazing. She was diagnosed with MS in her early twenties and now controls it with diet and exercise alone. You can learn all of her secrets on her site.                                                                             ... Continue reading →

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