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Faces of the Goddess – Mia Jones

Mia Jones is a New York-based makeup artist. A California native, Jones studied at the London College of Fashion before relocating to New York City. Mia’s mastery of glowing skin and painterly makeup has earned her a notable, diverse celebrity clientele.


1. Who and what is foremost in your heart?(Who and what in your personal life is most important to you?)

Energy. Energy work in the form of my mind, and my physical capabilities. Pure energy is my faith, my health, my relationships, and my art. Energy is the Who and What in Life.

2. How would you describe your work? How does the work you do impact consumers/environment/world?

I am a makeup artist which can be misconstrued as the oppressor of natural beauty. I’ve never looked at it that way. It’s an art form. It’s self expression. It can be a touch of light which translates as radiance on the skin, a red lip which can be perceived as a passionate emotion, a blue winged-liner which can be a portal to the sky. It’s difficult to describe my work in the form of impacting consumers or changing the world though what I can say is if I walk away from any human being that feels empowered in their confidence after I have painted them….well that is all I need.

3. What are you most proud of?

Myself. Years ago I would never have said that. But now that I’ve reached my mid-thirties I am proud of my resilience, my loyalty to others, my work, and for always following my dreams.

4. Which is one cause / organization you want us to know about? What would you like to see happen? 

Black Lives Matter. I am Creole by way of Louisiana, Assyrian, Filipino, and White. I am proud to be mixed, and while I have a lighter complexion–I am proud to be Black. Until Black Lives Matter we cannot move forward. I would like to see Racism in this country and world Dissolved with education, and love. As an actionable step: Defund the Police in order to redirect our resources to Education, Parks, the Arts and so forth. Humanity and our Climate are all that matter to me at my core. I follow NAACP, and Black Lives Matter as two fundamental organizations in this movement.

5. What are you most passionate about sharing with others at this time?

Do your part, and make your utmost contribution to a better world pertaining to humanity, and climate change. It is our selfless acts that ultimately bring us happiness. It’s essential to our fulfillment as human beings.

Getting To Know You, the Goddess

Name  Maria Jones

Nickname  Mia (preference)

Hometown  Sacramento, California

Current Location  New York City

Vocation  Makeup Artist

It’s 3:30pm, what are you drinking? Always an adaptogen: from Sun Potion: AshwagandhaMoon Juice: Spirit Dust, or I love The Nue Co. Energy Food packets for an energy boost to replace caffeine.

Favorite place you’ve visited? I love architecture so I would have to say Vienna, Barcelona, Copenhagen, and The Vatican in Rome to name a few…

Currently Reading  The Golden Thread: How Fabric Changed History by Kassia St. Clair. She authored another one of my favorites: The Secret Lives of Color.

Currently listening to  1619 New York Times Podcast hosted by Nikole-Hannah Jones, for the second time. I highly recommend!

Favorite Sustainable Fashion Brand  It would have to be Stella McCartney for her dedication from the conception of her brand, and innovation–she has just joined with Parley for the Oceans: yarn made from waste plastic, and her creative contribution to Bolt Threads for high-quality silk from yeast.

Current KYPRIS must-have  I would have to say Beauty Elixir I - 1,000 Roses because I have never experienced anything like this product. Not only does it have a healing effect on my skin, it is something I look forward to nearly every day. It's one of a kind. 

Getting Personal

Who was / is your favorite pet? Cassius the boxer was our family dog named after Cassius Clay the boxer… he was the most loving, and loyal dog ever.

Next destination on your list? Bad Gleichenberg, Austria. My boyfriend’s hometown where his family is currently based.

What is one of your superpowers? The ability to step outside of myself to understand others, and learn. True knowledge is only attained by those who can remove themselves from their own bias, and opinions. I also call this, “The Doctor Strange Method”, (if you’ve seen the film you’ll understand my humor.)

What was your first job? Or what was your most random job? My father worked in hospitality so following university in London, when I returned to California, I became a Front Desk Supervisor for a new hotel. I didn’t last long as I found an opportunity in L.A. as a makeup artist. Though I did learn firsthand that Hospitality is another level of service, and I realized it does align with what I do in a way… looking after people’s needs

Who introduced you to your industry? Kevyn Aucoin. I learned from his books the basis of the technique, the vast possibilities, and the fantasy element that would forever have a hold on me.

Best advice you’ve been given? There is an art to listening

Best advice you give? In order to achieve the full potential of who you really could be, you have to unlearn everything you’ve ever known. I know I’ve adapted that from somewhere… 

Current pleasure? Watching the climate heal itself

What is something or someone you’re coveting at the moment? As cliche as this must sound… my boyfriend Patrick. During this pandemic he has been my support system. He has his own stress from his job though his compassion for others’ well-being, his commitment to routine, and the the encouragement he has given me is something I covet as a blessing.

What is one sustainability practice you incorporate in your work/life? I make a conscious effort to use 80% clean beauty with my clients. A rule of thumb is that if I wouldn’t use it on myself I will not use it on my clients. I am extremely particular about quality ingredients and pigments, and not using synthetic fragrance.

Who is a thought leader you admire? There are so many to name though I would like to focus on any thought leader that focuses on Food as Medicine. What we nourish our bodies with reflects in our gut for immunity, provides radiance in our skin, and fuels our brain which is responsible for our mental health. I’m an avid fan of Dr. Mark Hyman of Food Fix & The Doctor’s Farmacy podcast, Dr. Alejandro Junger of the Clean Program, and Anthony William of The Medical Medium books.

What / who represents Beauty to you? Nature and its organisms: trees, flowers, bees, ocean creatures, owls, elephants

What does Beauty mean to you? How the eye perceives color, how our minds articulate sound, how our hearts feel love, how artists create… the ultimate sensory, and spiritual human experience.

What is one Self Care practice you enjoy? Applying the Body Elixir by Kypris. Body products can become a luxury in a self care routine when you are pressed for time. But the ingredients are so pure, and calming that I have created a ritual around applying this elixir in upward motions finishing at my heart where I then take a moment with a rose quartz crystal which restores your heart chakra.

What is one change you hope to see in the world that you make an effort to embody? I am just trying to be a good person in hopes my energy will radiate

You’ve been given a magic wand, what is your first spell? To restore and heal our global climate…nature at its optimal potential-what a dream

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