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Self Care – A Gift To You & Those You Love

December 13, 2018
Hello Lovely! Welcome to December… A month that twinkles with beauty yet can be full of outside demands propelling us all to a quick close of the year. As we enter the last month of 2018, we seek to offer our bodies and spirits moments of quiet reflection and pampering amidst the chaos. Our Cerulean Soothing Hydration Recovery Mask is ocean alchemy that ebbs and flows stillness with activity for a unique sensory experience of holistic rejuvenation and sensorial bliss. Each mighty pot of blue contains a collection of 36 botanicals and active natural ingredients evolved from Nature’s intelligent design. May we suggest that you slip into a state... Continue reading →

Harper's Bazaar

August 1, 2016
We are beyond honored and excited to receive such praise from Hannah Morrell and Harper's Bazaar, a publication we revere as a standard bearer in beauty and fashion. Read the full story here. Enjoy!! Continue reading →

Say No to 'Anti-Aging'

February 22, 2016
Dear Patron, Say YES! to your heart's most sacred, kind Desires..... We live in a culture OBSESSED with 'Anti Aging.' As a term, it is at best vague. At worst, it's an invitation to shadow box a made up problem. At KYPRIS, we do not use the term "Anti Aging." We believe that aging is a privilege and has nothing to do with how one looks or feels. Instead, we focus on Desires. Kind Desires... Too often honoring heart felt desires pushes people, especially women, into guilt. Our hope is to both honor and support women to best care for themselves. Science clearly shows that pleasure benefits... Continue reading →

Dewy Winter Skin

February 10, 2016
Watch here. Continue reading →

September Love Letter

October 17, 2015
Dearest KYPRIS patron, I went for a bike ride to a local coffee shop this weekend. In the desert, it's finally cool enough in the early mornings to get out and about. As I sat sipping my drink, I overheard two women at the next table talking about their daughters and their daughters friends. The quality of their skin. The length of their legs. This one has more baby fat. Oh that's not baby fat she's just fat. Have you seen that one?? She's so gorgeous. I hear she's modeling. Not for long;  have you seen her mother? It was really... Continue reading →

Cool Hunting + KYPRIS = Love

August 13, 2014
Cool Hunting, the epically 'cool,' inspirational, and aspirational online mag gave KYPRIS some major Love!    Here's a peak at what contributor, Nara Shin, had to say:   The extremely light Antioxidant Dew is an ideal offering for city folk who are exposed to pollutants and environmental stress on a daily basis. Drying instantly, the serum hydrates efficiently without leaving behind a thick residue or lingering fragrances, helping to further forget that you're wearing anything at all. Upon waking up in the morning, we found treated skin to be noticeably less irritated and feeling well balanced—soothed and refreshed while not too oily—thanks... Continue reading →

Oh Zoe Major!!

August 13, 2014
Beauty Oils Galore over at The Zoe Report and KYPRIS is on their list! Check it out HERE. Continue reading →

The Chalkboard Magazine: Love Means More When We Share It

August 13, 2014
A big juicy thank you to The Chalkboard Magazine for featuring KYPRIS and our 1,000 Roses! Click HERE to read the full interview. Continue reading →

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