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Faces of the Goddess – Jessica Ciencin Henriquez

May 6, 2020
Jessica Ciencin Henriquez is a Colombian-American writer and editor. Her personal essays and narrative journalism have appeared in the New York Times’ Modern Love column, Self Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Teen Vogue, Time, Parents among many others. Her essays have also been featured in multiple anthologies, most recently: Oprah's Little Guide to The Big Questions (Flatiron, 2018). Jessica holds an MFA from Columbia University as well as a bachelors degree in elementary education and child studies from East Carolina University. She is also the author of the forthcoming memoir: If You Loved Me You Would Know. Jessica currently lives, writes, and teaches in Ojai, California. 1. Who and what is... Continue reading →

A Practical Guide to Intuitive Skin Care

April 3, 2020
Winter into Spring. A beloved seasonal change of equal parts relief, hope, and blossoming Beauty.  Even if this year is an unprecedented experience for us all, the flora and fauna around us awaken and the warmth and duration of light grows. These transformations influence the needs of our bodies, spirit, and complexions. In kind, we are here to offer you some recommendations for how to evolve your daily skincare ritual.  Spring’s arrival is a transition. And within this moment of change we are invited to ponder: is there a more loving way to anoint one’s precious self through a seasonal change... Continue reading →

Winter Skin

January 18, 2020
Hello Lovely,  As we immerse ourselves into our dream for the New Year, we more noticeably begin to shed the skin of the past (both literally and figuratively).  Dry, flaky, itchy skin caused by chilled winter months can be soothed with tender compliments, simple routine changes, and a gentle increase in moisture and hydration to your daily skincare ritual. Start by sweet talking your delicate skin… Offering yourself honest compliments is a conscious practice of self appreciation that will fill your cup, support your discovery of your multidimensional Beauty, and help you connect to what you appreciate about you. Here... Continue reading →

Better Beauty by Alchemy

December 20, 2019
Hello Lovely, With the new season comes a wealth of welcome changes - beautiful foliage, precious moments of celebration, quiet reflection, tasty treats, and cozy sweaters. The change of season can also bring about a few unwanted ones - like a dull, dehydrated complexion, or pesky blemishes. Whether it’s the weather or the holiday rush stressing you out or just the nature of cycles, our skin’s optimal care can vary day to day. This is where a customized KYPRIS micro-emulsion can help serve your unique skin care desires. Get to know this beloved trick of chemistry to alchemize your very... Continue reading →

Holiday Gift Guide

December 5, 2019
Hello Lovely,  As the holidays near, we embrace the spirit of warmth, giving, and care. Our favorite gifts to give are gestures of Love, and our alchemical offerings embody just that. Read on as we guide you through some of our favorite treasures, crafted for each magical being you may know and love.   For the Wanderer —— For the one with a heart full of wander and wonder. Our Mini Treasures are ideal for the traveler, or simply those who revel in the experience of something new. Select from an array of high-performance, wild-crafted treasures that will lavish the recipient with... Continue reading →

Get to Know Puff of Love

October 7, 2019
Hello Lovely, We are honored to source each of our ingredients with Love. Every KYPRIS formula features ingredients that offer you the best of science and Nature while simultaneously honoring the communities and land from which they are procured. Our new Nurturing Anytime Moisturizer, Puff of Love, is no exception. We invite you to get to know some of the key active ingredients in this luxurious offering.  Love in a Puff – A delicate curling vine known for its heart-shaped seeds and balloon-like blooms offers the botanical wisdom of quiet. A folk medicine favorite, homeopathically and cosmetically, this extract has been used to... Continue reading →

Join Us As We Support Efforts To Help Children At Our Border

July 1, 2019
This week many of us will celebrate Independence Day in the US.  This holiday is meant to embody the values of America - love of country, freedom, and the celebration of personal sovereignty and self-determination.  But for many, this holiday means more than backyard picnics, fireworks, and red, white, and blue. It reminds some of the ongoing oppression, violence, or lack of inclusion that they or people they love have faced throughout this country's history and still face today. Our precious foundation of Democracy only works if we each proactively inform ourselves and participate.   This means consuming both current... Continue reading →

The Perfect Beauty Elixir For Every Skin Type

May 29, 2019
Have you tried one of our Beauty Elixirs yet? Your sun-drenched skin will thank you for indulging in one of our super potent Beauty Elixirs this summer. Each Elixir is formulated with 18 or more active natural ingredients of the highest quality and certified bioidentical CoQ10, which has been shown to diminish the appearance of sun overexposure. Our Beauty Elixirs are designed with unique fatty acid profiles to nurture different skin types with glowing moisture.   If you are dry… Our Beauty Elixir I - 1,000 Roses is the most moisturizing of our three Beauty Elixirs. Made with biodynamic Bulgarian rose essential... Continue reading →

KYPRIS Sun Skincare Favorites

May 23, 2019
Summer is almost here and if you are a heliotrope like we are, we know you will be spending lots of time in the sun!  Drench your body in botanical Love and protect and nourish your delicate skin all summer long….  Pot of Shade: Heliotropic A cult favorite!  This multifunctional,translucent veil of non-nano, broadspectrum SPF 30 and moisturizingbotanicals primes and protectsskin for daily radiance.   Body Elixir: Inflorescence Serious skin care for your body, headto toe… A non-greasy, multi-activebody oil produced with clinicallyproven actives typically reserved forfacial care and 12 of the most potent& nourishing organic, wild crafted,and co-op grown botanicals blended.... Continue reading →

May is for Masking!

May 13, 2019
Happy May! The month of May is a fantastic time to explore all three of the KYPRIS masks, and to indulge in the unique benefits and sensorial experiences of each.  In May we are so excited to introduce our NEW Mini Multi Mask Collection to you! Hydrate, Brighten, and Clarify the appearance of your skin with the three KYPRIS masks in mini sizes.   ——————————————THE NEW MINI MULTI MASKCOLLECTION INCLUDES——————————————Mini CeruleanSoothing Hydration Recovery Mask(12.5 mL) Mini Deep Forest ClayClarifying Mask & Exfoliant(12.5 mL) Mini Glow PhiltreRefining Mask for Vibrant Luminosity(12.5 mL) Why We Love Each KYPRIS Mask   Cerulean to intensely hydrate and soothe – Hydrate, soften, and soothe... Continue reading →

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